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Hiring the right people

Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Recruitment: Lessons Learned by a Small Charity

Employment market

5 Ways to Appeal to Graduates in a Changing Climate

With a more candidate-driven market, there are far more jobs available to graduates. So how can recruiters...

Hiring the right people

How to Reject Candidates in the Right Way

Here are a few tips on how to reject a candidate in the right way.

Running your charity

Trustee recruitment, equity, diversity, inclusion, success

How can charities ensure greater equality and diversity in their trustee recruitment?

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Research and insights

CharityJob Research Quarterly Overview Summer 2021

This roundup covers a booming jobs market and optimism within the sector.

Employment market

The Future of Work

As we emerge from the pandemic, what changes can we expect to see to working patterns?

Hiring the right people

8 Steps to Writing the Perfect Job Ad

Writing a standout job ad is the most important way of attracting the right candidate for your position. Here’s a few...

Employment market

How to Recruit Top Trustees for Your Charity

What can you do to recruit the best possible trustees for your organisation? Here are our top...

Employment market

5 Top Interview Questions to Ask in 2021

What questions should you be asking candidates in 2021? We take a look.

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