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Employment market

Are Application Forms Fair?

Do you use application forms to recruit? Have you ever thought about how fair they are?

Employment market

How Charities Can be More Environmentally-Friendly

Candidates are often attracted to organisations that value the environment. Here's how charities can be more environmentally-friendly.

Hiring the right people

4 Perks That Candidates Actually Want (and 5 Tools To Deliver Them)

Which benefits and incentives really matter to prospective employees? Here are 4 key perks candidates want, and...

Employment market

How to Spot Potential in Career Shifters

People looking for more meaningful work could be who your charity needs. Here's how to spot potential.

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Hiring the right people

How You Should be Using Screening Questions to Improve Your Hiring Processes

Find out how customisable screening questions can reduce the need for application forms that deter candidates.

Supporting your team

How to Recognise and Reward Volunteers

Recognising and rewarding your volunteers is fundamental to your retention strategy. Here's how to do it successfully.

Employment market

How Can Charities Navigate the Current Recruitment Market?

Recent reports show lower unemployment rates and higher job vacancies than ever. What can charities do?

Running your charity

My take on equality, diversity and inclusion

Our co-founder and director, Raya Wexler, speaks out about her personal experiences of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Employment market

The Candidate Experience

How can you improve the impression a person gets after applying to your charity for a job?

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