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Supporting your team

How to Improve Your Employee Engagement

How willing are your employees to come to work every day? Are they collaborating with other team...

Hiring the right people

Top Tips for Hiring a Digital Fundraiser

If it's your first time recruiting for a digital fundraiser, we have some top tips and guidance...

Employment market

CharityJob Research Quarterly Overview Spring 2021

Welcome to the first CharityJob Research quarterly overview.

Research and insights

Introducing CharityJob’s new Research Manager

Introducing our new Research Manager, Martin Rogers.

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Running your charity

Video Conferencing for Charities: Useful Usage and Security Tips

Which video conferencing platform should you use for your charity? And what are the privacy and security...

Supporting your team

The Key to Successful Remote Onboarding

Good onboarding is essential if you want to retain the best talent. But how do you go...

Hiring the right people

Digital Roles Your Charity Will Need in 2021

Are there digital roles that you might not have even considered and which could help you be...

Hiring the right people

Complete a Skills-Gap Analysis for Your Charity

Before you sit down to write a job ad, you need to figure out the skills gaps at your...

Hiring the right people

8 Steps to Smooth Candidate Shortlisting

How do you go about shortlisting candidates who should ultimately be called for an interview? We’ve broken...

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