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Hiring the right people

How UK Charities Recruit

We surveyed UK charities to find out how they recruit, so we can help the sector improve.

Hiring the right people

Take Control of Your Recruitment with Quick Apply

We've redesigned our job application journey so you can customise your options and attract more candidates.

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CharityJob Research Quarterly Overview Winter 2021/22

CharityJob’s latest Research Quarterly Overview for winter 2021/22 gives up-to-date insights on the charity sector and the...

Employment market

Why Charities Should be Using Anonymous Recruitment

Bias stops charities hiring the best people. One way to recruit more fairly and effectively, is to use ‘anonymous recruitment’. 

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Employment market

What Can You Do About the Candidate Shortage?

Recruitment isn't easy right now, but here's what you can do about the candidate shortage.

Hiring the right people

How do UK Charities Recruit?

CharityJob wants to help improve recruitment. Fill in our survey and you could win £1,000 charity donation!

Hiring the right people

How to Work Out What You Need on Your Board of Trustees

Effective boards comprise a mix of characteristics and skills, but how do you know what you need?

Employment market

Why You Should Never Overlook Older Workers

Older workers sometimes feel discriminated against, but could they be the answer to the charity candidate shortage?

Employment market

CharityJob Research Quarterly Overview Autumn 2021

Have a read of our latest overview, including data on the economy, jobs, and pay.

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