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Supporting your team

Training and Developing Your Staff on a Tight Budget

Training programs cost money–so how can small charities find ways to invest in their staff without breaking...

Supporting your team

Could Co-working Transform your Charity?

Could co-working be a quick and cost-effective way to create a better workplace culture in your charity?...

Running your charity

How Charities Can Do More to Combat Climate Change

There are many ways organisations impact the environment. Find out what changes your charity can make to...

Hiring the right people

Why Charities Need More Millennials in the Workforce

Millennials make up the largest generational workforce in the UK. Find out how your charity can benefit...

Hiring the right people

How to Write a Job Ad That Candidates (And Google) Love

If you’re a charity, how do you optimise your job ad in the age of Google for...

Supporting your team

9 Ways to Combat Compassion Fatigue in the Workplace

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentlessness of need, especially in the charity sector. Find out...

Supporting your team

How Technology Can Unlock a Charity’s Talent Potential

We take a closer look at how charities can utilise modern HR technology to attract and retain...

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Supporting your team

Is Flexible Working the New Norm?

The assumption is that charities tend to be good about flexibility. But is this really true?