3 Ways to Celebrate Your Team’s Success

Employee morale is an important part of continued success. But somewhere along the line, many managers forget how significant shouting about their team’s accomplishments is. You may think, ‘that’s just part of the job’, and even though that’s often the case, it’s still vital to show your team that their work is instrumental to the success of the wider organisation.

You’ve all worked hard and it’s important to remember how much achieving a goal, no matter how small, can propel you further forward and give people the positive energy that they need to keep going. After all, with all of the time, effort and dedication that you and your team have made, you all deserve to celebrate!

So, here are three ways that you can celebrate with your team and show that you appreciate everything that they do…

1. Set up a team success board

It’s always great when you can physically see just how far you’ve come. So why not create a board in your office to display all the milestones that your team have reached this year?

Using a calendar is also a great way of documenting a success story from the beginning to the end and it helps the rest of the team to stay motivated by seeing how far their colleagues have come. If you don’t have the space for a board, make note of the ten most memorable moments of the month (or quarter) and share them with the entire office in an email. This is the perfect opportunity to lift everyone’s spirits and inspire your team to keep up the good work.

2. Send a thank you card or email

Everyone needs to know that their work is genuinely valued by the people around them. A thank you can go a very long way in making your team feel that they are making a difference and contributing to making the changes that you want to see. It’s incredibly uplifting when your work is acknowledged by the people that you work with every day, especially when you’re all committed to the same cause.

So always make time to thank them for their work—it is something they will always remember.

3. Offer them a reward

Many people, especially those who work in the charity sector, want to perform because they are passionate about the cause their organisation supports. They aren’t searching for a reward, they simply want to make the world a better place (one step at a time). But that doesn’t mean that they should miss out on being rewarded!

You can organise a team dinner or bring some sweet treats in for everyone to enjoy. No matter what the gesture is, make some time to bring your team together and celebrate the impact that you’ve all managed to make, together.

It’s all about taking a moment to reflect on what you’ve accomplished as a team. The more appreciated your team feels, the more inclined they’ll be to keep on delivering.

So what are you waiting for? Start celebrating your team today.

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