5 Tips to Improve Your Charity’s SEO

SEO is a critical marketing channel for charities to gain visibility and spread their message. It allows you to target highly relevant audiences and drive traffic to your website. 

Beyond traffic and donations, SEO can help you to develop and showcase your employer brand. It can drive applications from candidates that are invested in your story. It can also provide insight into what a career with your charity looks like.  

So how can you improve your SEO and build your employer brand? 

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Showcase your team culture via your blog 

Your blog isn’t just about reaching potential supporters. It’s also a place to showcase your team and company culture. 

Why not build a blog category that’s dedicated to your charity? This is where you can talk about staff events, new hires and any big news or achievements. It’s all useful content that any interested applicant will seek out.   

You can even use this as a platform for your CEO or other team members to contribute their views and updatesSome charities now publish an introduction post for any new hires and then a yearly check-in written by the employee on their career highlights over the past 12 months.  

Build a community using informational keywords 

Informational keywords are search queries around a very specific topic. These keywords are not commercial in nature. This means they are less competitive and can move up the Google rankings very quickly. 

Your blog is the great place to target relevant keywords that will bring additional traffic to your site and improve your SEO. Tools like SEMrush or AnswerThePublic can helpMake sure you focus on keywords that are specific and relevant. This will give you a great chance of reaching page one in search engines. 

For example, a charity that saves abandoned pets may target keywords such as ‘how to volunteer in animal welfare’ or ‘what to do if you find a lost dog’. By ranking on Google for these keywords, you will naturally attract interested visitors. 

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Improve your SEO by contributing to external websites 

While your blog is a great place to reach new audiences, creating content that ranks on Google takes time and effort. Why not make use of existing communities? 

Identify the publications, magazines and blogs that your audience is reading. You can do this through keyword research and analysing the social media profiles that your audience commonly follows. You might even consider reaching out to a focus group. With this insight, you can reach out to some of the highly relevant publications in your industry and offer to write a valuable piece of content from a trusted sourceyour charity. It’s a great way to improve your SEO.

But don’t just go in cold with the request. Instead, develop an initial relationship with your target websites by engaging with them on social media, sharing their content or even reaching out to various editors and writers via platforms like LinkedIn. When the time is right, you can offer to contribute content on a regular basis. 

Rank new job opportunities on search engines 

You can generate more traffic to your website by ranking higher on Google by following these SEO tips:  

Using an optimised URL – Try to avoid using numbers or dates within your job ad url. Instead, be simple and specific: e.g.www.mycharity.com/careers/digital-marketing-manager. 

Using subheadings  Subheadings not only make your job ad more digestible, but they are a great place to include top keywords which will be picked up by search engines 

Adding an internal link – This one is really important. A poor website structure can make job ads hard to find, both by users and search engines. Whether it’s within your footer or a blog post, make sure that you use internal links to your job listings. This will give them a better chance of being found and indexed. 

Optimise your social media profiles 

SEO isn’t just for websites. Social media profiles are some of the most important brand touchpoints. They are often used by would-be candidates to get a better sense of your charity’s culture. 

It’s essential to develop social profiles for your charity that will reach as much of your audience as possible with content that resonates and inspires. That’s where social media optimisation comes in. Make sure you use branded photos, link to your main website, complete all the fields on your social media profile, and use social share buttons.  

Remember also to reply to mentions, engage with influencers in your industry and share other people’s content. You’ll end up with a community that’s truly invested in your charity and you’ll reach a wider audience as a result. 

Hopefully the SEO tips above help you to build an employer brand that attracts and retains the top talent, and optimises your recruitment content to reach the best possible audience. 

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