Our Courses Pages Have Changed (And It’s Kind of a Big Deal)

Training courses are an important part of the job seeker journey. Whether it’s career shifters looking to gain sector-specific skills or industry veterans brushing up on the newest trends, personal development is instrumental in landing that dream charity job. Courses fill gaps in knowledge and give candidates that competitive edge when it comes to new career opportunities. In other words, they’re are a pretty big deal.

That’s why we’re proud to share our brand-new courses hub and search pages, with stunning new designs and a more intuitive user experience. Now, more than ever, our users will find and engage with your courses. Here’s how.

1. Brand new hub page

We want CharityJob to be the go-to resource for anyone looking to find a job in non-profit, and courses are the first step. That’s where the new hub page comes in. Not only does this page allow us to attract more traffic through organic search, it also acts as an easy-to-use portal for the thousands of amazing courses we host on our site every year.

The design is simple, yet appealing, providing users with four key categories to browse through and an easy-to-use search feature that launches them straight into all the relevant courses available. And the best part? It now matches the amazing branding you’ll find across the rest of our site. That means people who know and love the CharityJob brand will feel an instant sense of comfort and trust.

New courses hub page


2. Easier-to-navigate search

Gone are the days of the clunky side navigation. Now, we’re offering users two possible ways to view courses: classic view and split view. In classic view, the courses are the main focus, with more room for enticing descriptions and course provider branding. In the split view, users can read the full course description without even leaving the results page, which allows them more freedom to browse without having to click back and forth.

This was built entirely for user experience – we want people to have the best browsing, surfing and skimming experience. And it’s the first time we’re applying this sort of browsing on our site. This feature allows us to step into our users’ shoes and see how they engage and how they book. The data we gather from this will be used to constantly update and improve the courses pages, ensuring the user is always at the forefront of our development.

New course navigation


3. A complete refresh of our course provider page

Are you posting courses on our site on a regular basis? Then you’ll definitely benefit from our brilliant new course provider pages. Here, you’ll be able to provide users with a closer look into what your organisation does. You can include a captivating description, pinpoint the location of your offices and provide contact details for attendees to reach out to you directly. It even provides a list of all the courses you’re currently posting on CharityJob to show users the variety of topics you cover.

And having your own page is great for being found through organic search. That means people who search for your organisation and will land on your course provider page and have an instant overview of all the courses you have on offer.

course provider pages

4. Mobile optimisation

In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile. In other words, more people than ever before are surfing the web while they’re on the tube, sitting on the couch or even on their lunch break at work. That’s why mobile optimisation is more important than ever before.

The good news is our brand-new designs are totally optimised for mobile use. That means it’s easier for customers to find your course anywhere and everywhere. And even more importantly, they’ll enjoy what they find because our new design is simple, easy-on-the-eyes and more aligned with the vibrant and exciting CharityJob brand.

new courses design mobile


Want to know more about how you can post a course on the CharityJob site? Get in touch or click the ‘post a course for free’ button on the hub pages.

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