Report: Diversity& Discrimination in the Charity Sector

Last summer, we started conducting some research to see just how diverse and inclusive the charity sector is. We asked people who are either working in the charity sector or trying to find a charity job, what their experiences were. We also asked recruiters about their recruitment practices, typical level of diversity in their organisations and what they primarily focus on when addressing issues with diversity and inclusion.

And we’ve learned a great deal from both candidates and recruiters and because of the overwhelming response, we’ve been able to write our very first diversity, inclusion and discrimination report. Here are just a few issues that have been highlighted:

  • The majority of the candidates expressed an issue with age discrimination when looking for work in the charity sector while recruiters primarily think of ethnicity and gender when it comes to diversity.
  • Candidates frequently described problems with the recruitment process in the sector so there’s definitely scope for improving.
  • The value of experience outside of the charity sector is viewed differently by candidates and recruiters and there’s a huge opportunity to maximise on the transferable skills of candidates outside the sector.

And there’s plenty more you can discover too. In the research report, you can discover everything that our candidates had to say about their experience of the charity sector. By reading it, you can find out whether you’re prioritising what really matters to candidates and compare your recruitment practices to what typically happens within the sector.

More than anything, this is an opportunity for all recruiters within the charity sector to learn why they could be missing out on the best talent, what can be done to make charity roles more appealing and how to improve recruitment practices and attitudes within the sector so that it’s a more fair, inclusive and diverse place to work.

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