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Next week we’ll be launching a brand new feature on CharityJob which will provide ongoing value for your jobs – completely free of charge!

It’s called “Send Interest” and it will encourage more applications from passive candidates and candidates who might be unsure about applying. Here’s everything you need to know about it…

What is it?

Send interest will allow candidates to send their CharityJob profile to recruiters before completing an application form. You’ll then have the opportunity to prompt them to apply. Many passive candidates are short on time and may not complete full applications forms without knowing they have some chance of going through to interview. Send interest is designed to bridge this gap, letting you see the details of those excellent candidates who have viewed your job but may not have the time to apply, or feel that they have the right skills.

That’s not all! Send interest encourages those who might be unsure if their skills match up to the job to test the water before they apply. Then, if you think they’re right for the job you can ask them to complete the application.

send interest

What will I get?

If a candidate is interested and has chosen to share that with you, then you’ll be able to view/review their profile, helping you to decide whether the candidate is right for the job or not. How you proceed from there is up to you, either prompt them to apply, or decide they’re not quite right for the job. The idea is to attract those experienced candidates who generally don’t actively apply for jobs.

Remember, by looking at those who are interested, you’re giving candidates who feel unsure about applying a chance.

How does this help?

Think of it this way, job hunting is time-consuming and candidates are really only able to apply for a handful of jobs at a time. Experienced candidates, or candidates from the corporate sector may be unsure about applying for jobs they feel might not have a chance of getting. Through send interest, we’ll start bridging this gap, opening conversations between yourself and the right candidates.

For you as a recruiter, this new feature means that the “interest” figure on your jobs will mean a whole lot more. Overall, the feature is about better conversion from views to applications,  you’ll receive more relevant candidates and attract people who would otherwise be tempted to skip past the job. Just think about it! Having a reply from the recruiter would certainly make you feel more inclined to apply.

To summarise:

As a recruiter, send interest will allow you to you:

  • View the profiles of candidates who have indicated an interest in your job
  • Invite promising candidates to complete your application process, which will increase the number of applications



Here’s an idea of what you’ll see when a candidate is interested, a summary of their CharityJob profile:



send interest

So, from next week, make sure you keep an eye on your recruiter dashboard, it’ll help you get a whole lot more value out of your jobs.

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