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We know it’s tough out there at the moment. With more jobs available in the sector than we’ve seen, well…ever, along with a shortage of candidates, it’s never been more important that recruitment processes run smoothly. At CharityJob, we’re here to support you. That’s why we’ve redesigned our job application journey to give you more control.

What’s new?

Customise your application options with Quick Apply

Select the ‘Quick Apply—Apply via CharityJob’ option when you post a new job ad and get complete control of how you want candidates to apply:

  • Need them to complete an application form? You can now easily upload one.
  • Want to make a cover letter compulsory? Done at the touch of a button.
  • You can even add special instructions for candidates, such as setting a word limit for a cover letter.

With Quick Apply, you can customise everything to fit your recruitment needs.

Person selecting 'Quick Apply' on mobile phone

Get more insight on how your job ad is performing

When you use our Quick Apply option, we can track candidates through the application process and see what they do from the first click to submitting their application. Learning how they interact with your job ad will help you understand how you can optimise your requirements to convert more clicks to applications. Just contact your account manager to find out more.

Attract more applications with an improved candidate experience

With all the information they need on one screen, we’ve streamlined our Quick Apply option to attract more candidates. This quicker and easier application process receives an average of 16% more applications per job.

Person typing on laptop with note sating '16% more applications' at one side

PLUS – get FREE access to Applicant Manager

Our Quick Apply option also gives you completely FREE access to our Applicant Tracking System, Applicant Manager.

Your one-stop-shop for recruitment, Applicant Manager allows you to easily track and communicate with candidates, liaise with colleagues and receive applications anonymously, reducing bias in recruitment. And all for free!

So next time you post a job, why not use Quick Apply and check out the changes? We’d love to hear what you think. Let us know by getting in touch.

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